Astrologer’s Biography

Sally first became interested in astrology in the late 1970s and using her first book on the subject, The Compleat Astrologerby Derek and Julia Parker, she learnt to calculate and draw birth charts by hand; and which was also a great way to learn how to understand them. She still does this when time allows but like most astrologers today she uses astrology software to quickly create the charts she needs quickly.

In 2007 she began study astrology with The Mayo School of Astrology and in 2011 she qualified as an astrologer by gaining a Diploma in Astrology, with a Distinction in Natal and Mundane (world) Astrology (Dist. DMS Astrol.). She recommends this school for those who require distance learning. The The Mayo School of Astrology also provides a Certificate level for those who are new to the subject. It is a good course that covers the vast subject of astrology and teaches not only how to erect a birth chart and read it, but also the background and history of the subject. Even if you have some knowledge of the subject, this course will expand your knowledge and re-invigorate your interest in it. Of course, if you can travel, live in or near London you could attend The London School of Astrology.

Sally’s study of astrology is on-going, though, and as it is such a vast subject, interesting and absorbing in itself Sally regularly attends astrology conferences in the UK run by the Astrological Association of Great Britain who produce bimonthly magazine, “The Astrological Journal”.

She says that the name Astro-Pathways Astrology was chosen because the words themselves describe her approach to astrology. “Astro” comes from the Greek “astron” and means “stars” and “logy” (Greek “logos”) means “a branch of learning”. She decided on “Pathwaysbecause she sees astrology as a guide for the journey through life.

The ethics she uses in her work are those that all members of  Association of Professional Astrologers International (MAPAI) subscribe to. Sally is a member of the APAI and on their website you can find the code of ethics members adhere to, contact links to various Astrological Schools across the world where you can learn astrology and links to other associations that the organisation recommends. You can also look for a qualified astrologer in your locality.



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Astrologer: - Sally Lloyd Dist.DMS Astrol, MAPAI