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Please note: - You must be 18 years or over to order this personal chart and reading (analysis), if a request and payment is received from someone under 18 years old the money will be refunded and the order cancelled. This chart is not suitable for a child under the age of 11 years old, there is a separate page for children’s charts.

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This is a personalised reading of the sky chart at the moment you were born, one that is in-depth and looks at you as an individual, taking into account everything that can be seen in the chart and putting it in context to where you are now in your life. Unlike a computer generated report it has been analysed and synthesised so that you don’t have to untangle the repetitions a computer generated report always produce.

It can take even the most experienced astrologer many hours of study to truly understand a natal chart before the analysis can be written, which is why the chart and report are not instantly available.

A natal chart reveals much about the potential you were born with and the key word here is potential, because everyone is unique and born with many potential characteristics and experiences, but we all live different lives, have different circumstances and experiences from the time we are born, so some of this potential surfaces and some does not. It’s all still within us though.

The aim of an astrologer is to help you not only realise unused potential, but also to help you understand why you may be revisiting some situations in your life and how you can complete the challenges they pose for you and move on. However, just reading your chart analysis may not be enough; sometimes we cannot “see the wood for the trees”, and that is why it is often preferable to actually have a consultation with your astrologer when you have this type of analysis done.

This Full Natal Chart and Analysis is offered in a written format of approximately 25-35 pages, largely because there are a lot of people out there who are interested in astrology and do not have a qualified astrologer locally.


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Astrologer: - Sally Lloyd Dist.DMS Astrol, MAPAI