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(6 month to 7 years old)

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Q. Why is this chart only 6 months old to 7 years old?

A. Prior to 6 months old a child is still very dependent on the mother, but at 6 months they are on the move, beginning to form words and the personality is beginning to shine out.

At approximately 2 years old and every couple of years after that a major change occurs in a child’s life, the “terrible twos” is just the first of these and the best known of all. This is followed by the pre-school phase when they no longer want to be treated as a baby. Then there is their first year at primary school and all the extra external influences and relationships that fill most of their day. By the age of 7 your child is well on the way to establishing his/her own identity and independence in the outside world.

There will, nevertheless, be some information about the years that lead into the early teens in the report that may prove helpful, but it must be remembered that past the age of 7, many areas of your child’s life become “private” and self-determined. This becomes more so as they travel through to adulthood and even though they are our children we must always respect them as individuals.

This is a birth chart and specialised interpretation is designed to be helpful to parents in the understanding and nurturing of their little one, enabling them to support and encourage their children through the good, as well as the difficult times, in their lives. It is also a valuable tool in helping parents guide the lives of their children in a way that creates a friendship with them, not a battleground. For this reason it will be necessary to have the birth information of the parents.

(Suggestion: You could have a picture of the child in the centre of the chart. Please ask about this when ordering!)


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Astrologer: - Sally Lloyd Dist.DMS Astrol, MAPAI