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Before ordering from any website you should always read the Terms and Conditions information provided, it is no different at Astro-Pathways Astrology especially as you are entering into a contract that involves your personal birth information. Therefore, in the Terms and Conditions you will find a section regarding the information you provide to Astro-Pathways Astrology (see the Privacy section) and the Disclaimer Notice as required by the Law of the United Kingdom.

All charts and analyses ordered from Astro-Pathways Astrology to be sent by email will be in a PDF format that can only be opened with the password provided; this is also designed to protect your birth data. Charts and
analyses sent by post will be sent First Class registered mail where possible.

To order a birth chart with any type of report you must provide accurate information, Astro-Pathways Astrology and its astrologer, Sally Lloyd, accept no responsibility for incorrect completion of the order forms and the resulting chart.

Once you have read and are satisfied with the Terms and Conditions you can order your item from our online Shop in a few simple steps: -

  1. Select the Buy Now button for the item you want to order, i.e. to receive your chart and analysis by email or post, and you will be transferred to the PayPal gateway to make your payment (you do not need to have a PayPal account).

  1. Once you have completed your payment you will be returned to this site and the Birth Details information page.

If have any questions about this chart and analysis or anything else to do with astrology then please do not hesitate to contact Sally using the form provided.

Once the order has been placed it cannot be changed or cancelled.

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Astrologer: - Sally Lloyd Dist.DMS Astrol, MAPAI