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This study is only done with a consultation!

This is one of the commonest reasons that people choose to visit an astrologer. In astrology a relationships study is the comparison of two (or more) people’s charts to discover where they are compatible or incompatible, what difficulties they may face in their relationship and what strengths they will have in, and bring to, a partnership with one another. This is, therefore, not limited to romance, partnership or marriage, it could also be for work colleagues, family members, or anyone who you have daily contact with.

However, if you want a relationship analysis done there are several points to keep in mind: -

As you can see this involves a lot of preparation and the fee will vary according to the amount of work involved and will be quoted for in advance, but you can expect to pay a starting price of £175* for a two person study PLUS the consultation fee.

While it is possible to get a general idea from a birth chart for someone’s birthday, a better way would be to have his or her full birth details. However, if it is a general view that is needed, it can be done, but it will be stressed that it is only a general view and not to be viewed as absolute as a Date of Birth only chart will represent an enormous number of people. Sally uses this and any indications in your own chart to give a broad view of a relationship.

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Astrologer: - Sally Lloyd Dist.DMS Astrol, MAPAI