Astro-Pathways Astrology Services

Before you look at the services it is important to understanding the contract you will enter into when ordering from Astro-Pathways Astrology therefore it is suggested that you read the following pages: -

  1. The Terms and Conditions that apply to the use of all the services advertised and the use of this site.
  2. How your order is processed and how long you will have to wait to receive your chart and reading.

Items that can be ordered directly from this site

  1. Natal Chart and Written Analysis for an Adult
  2. Child’s Natal Chart and Written Analysis for Parent or Guardian

Services that require you to contact the site’s astrologer

  1. A Personal Forecast of future events/circumstances with astrology
  2. Relationship Studies, how we get on with others in our lives.
  3. Consultations with the Astro-Pathways astrologer

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Astrologer: - Sally Lloyd Dist.DMS Astrol, MAPAI