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For several years now Sally has been giving talks on astrology to local groups and at other public events, so she is now in the process of building a library of talks. Each talk is designed to be applicable to the types of interests that the group may have and has been designed as a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 40 minutes.

Variously these talks cover the topics below but of course, each talk is designed to suit the group to which it is being presented and for this reason the content may change.

Sally is available to present a talk on astrology to any interested groups within 30 miles of where she lives in Devon (UK), for a small fee and her travel costs, which can be negotiated at the time of booking.

If you would like her to come and give your group a presentation, please contact
Sally using the form provided and she will be happy to discuss the type of talk you would like with you. She will also be happy to tailor the presentation, within reason, to suit your group or cover any particular topic of astrology that interests you and this can include the astronomy links. Here are some of the talks that Sally has in her current repertoire: -

1. Astrology - Its History of Astrology - 1 hour

The talk is designed for those who are interested in a chronological history of astrology and its ancient links with astronomy, and the history of the  techniques astrologers use to draw up a chart.

The slides used show pictures of the many artefacts that have been discovered that illustrate its usage throughout history - a history that means that astronomy goes back to approximately 32,500 BCE and astrology to approximately 6,000 BCE. The techniques section is kept as simple as possible and introduces the concept of what the cosmos looks like and how astrologers see the Sun, the Moon and the planets against this background.

2. “The Ladies of the Sky”

This 40-minute talk has been specifically designed for women’s groups as it focuses on the two ladies in traditional astrology - Venus and the Moon - how they are expressed in women’s lives using the well-known Zodiac Signs.

3.  Astrology - The Travellers Guide

Although this is currently in story board format it could be given as a PowerPoint presentation. It shows how the planetary natures are part of daily life in the form of a day out.  


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Astrologer: - Sally Lloyd Dist.DMS Astrol, MAPAI